Valley Membership Achievement Project (VMAP)

The intent of  VMAP is to help each Valley carry out its service to the Scottish Rite by providing the very best experience for its members. VMAP requirements are broken into the following 10 specific subject Areas which cover the full scope of the Scottish Rite experience:

Membership Recruitment
New Member Engagement
Degree Conferral Proficiency
Reunion Experience
Scottish Rite Education for Candidates
Scottish Rite Education for Members
Officer Responsibilities & Engagement
Philanthropy & Public Image
Membership Retention
Valley Organizations

For VMAP to be successful, we need your help. If you are interested in assisting with any of the categories listed above or have ideas, please contact Brother John F. Knox 32° KCCH ( or Brother John Sharlow 32°  (

For members who are already participating in the VMAP program you may find some useful links below.